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Start your business confidently. Get our time-tested, most efficient and widely used Linux hosting which is the most saleable plan across the globe due to its flexibility, cost-efficiency and ease of use. We guarantee you everything your business needs - dependable infrastructure, streamlined operations, awesome support and scalable resources. And yes, it comes with the cPanel - the best control panel that combines efficiency, flexibility and time saving. Enter the digital arena with this plan! We offer fairly designed slab based pricing that allows you to enjoy the same packages at reduced costs as your volume increases. Now earn better profits with our lower prices and keep your clients satisfied to acquire a regular client base!

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You get free SSl with our every hosting Plan

For INDIAN server loc. extra ₹70 is charged



Free Hosting

₹00 /mo

100 GB of space

Unlimited Visitor

No Free SSL

100 Emails and 100 MySQL

100 Sub-Domain

10 Addon Domain

3 Server Location (USA,IND,EU)

60% Slower than Premium host

No additional support Provided.



₹30 /mo

1 GB of space

Unlimited Visitor

No free SSL

5 Emails and 5 MySQL

5 Sub-Domain

0 Addon Domain

3 Server Location (USA,IND,EU)

10% faster than free host

Best for starting an online presence.


₹45 /mo

25 GB of space

Unlimited Visitor

Free SSL

20 Emails and 20 MySQL

15 Sub-Domain

2 Addon Domain

3 Server Location (USA,IND,EU)

30% faster than free host

Suitable for wordpress and php script with low bandwith uses.


₹65 /mo

100 GB of space

Unlimited Visitor

Free SSL

50 Emails and 50 MySQL

50 Sub-Domain

4 Addon Domain

3 Server Location (USA,IND,EU)

70% faster than free host




₹85 /mo

Unlimited Space

Unlimited Visitor

Free SSL

Unlimited Emails and MySQL

Unlimited Sub-Domain

0 Addon Domain

3 Server Location (USA,IND,EU)

90% faster than free host


Extremly POPULAR


₹125 /mo

Unlimited Space

Unlimited Visitor

Free SSL

Unlimited Emails and MySQL

Unlimited Sub-Domain

Unlimited Addon Domain

3 Server Location (USA,IND,EU)

90% faster than free host


Why Choose Us

100% Network Uptime
24x7 Tech Support
DDoS Protection
Multi Location server (Load Balancer)


  • cPanel
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Apache
  • My Sql
  • Perl
  • Softaculous
  • Webmail


Single Domain Linux Hosting is the highest sold hosting plan due to its affordability, efficiency and flexibility. Millions of people across the globe have been benefitted by Linux hosting and millions more are looking for it. With our low-priced, feature packed Linux hosting packages you can get a positive cost-to-efficiency ratio.

Each feature Rich

Single Domain Linux Hosting package includes

Power-packed tools for cutting edge advantage, complete digital infrastructure for reaching, maintaining and managing clients, resource allocation flexibility and easy to upgrade services as per immediate requirement. With your reseller plan we offer you feature-rich cPanel, Sub Domain, Email infrastructure, 24X7X365 support, easy migration facility and free site builder.

  • World's Leading Customer cPanel
  • Manage Web Pages, View Website Statistics, Create Email Accounts, etc.
  • Comes with Softaculous Script Installer - Install Blogs, Shopping Carts, etc.
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  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
  • IMAP Support
  • Easy to use Webmail Interface

Best Hosting Features For You

These features come standard in all of our hosting plans. Dynamically extend imperatives through open-source quickly niche markets.

Custom Control Panel

Our intuitive control panel gives you admin access to all of your DreamHost products easily.

Real-Life Human Beings

Tech veterans, geeks, and nerds are all standing by to optimize your experience whether.

1-Click Installer

No need to dig into a bunch of documentation. Simply install web apps like WordPress, Joomla!.

100% Uptime Guarantee

With multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators and monitoring.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

With SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are faster by our calculations.

Award-Winning Support

No question is too simple, or too complex for our team of experts. Synergistically synergize.

Feature-rich web hosting

Everything you need to start, host and manage your website. Fast and reliable shared web hosting with tons of features to help you succeed online.

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What is web hosting?

Every website that you visit consists of a domain name and a web host. The easiest way to picture it is to think of the domain name as the address and the web hosting as the physical building.

When you’re browsing the web and you type in a URL (i.e. http://www.sinhcoms.com), your web browser basically queries that domain name (i.e. sinhcoms.com) and asks it where the website is hosted. The browser then loads up the contents that are stored there.

Web hosting is effectively the process of using a server to host a website, and there are all sorts of different types of web hosting available out there on the market. Hostigner, just like most web hosts offer different packages so that their customers can pay for just the resources that they need. The more popular the website is, the more resources it’s likely to need to function effectively.

The good news is that with SHost Sinhcoms LLP, you can scale your web hosting package as and when you need it, so you can start off with Single hosting plan and gradually upgrade to Business or even VPS plan later.

Your website is basically a collection of files and (in most cases) database that are served up to your visitors as they browse around it. SHost: Sinhcoms LLP will allocate space for you to store your website and database.

When you sign up SHost: Sinhcoms LLP, you’ll receive login details to access your hosting account’s admin panel.

At SHost: Sinhcoms LLP, we offer custom built hosting control panel. Using our control panel you can carry out basic hosting management, monitor resource usage, create email addresses and install content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress. Note that this is different to the admin panel for your website, which will be created when you install a CMS. This is the admin panel for your server as a whole.

Yes! Web hosting comes in all different shapes and sizes, with different setups suitable for different types of webmaster. In general hosting can be broken up into the following categories:

Shared Hosting: This is usually the cheapest form of website hosting because it’s the most economical when it comes to the use of hardware. Shared hosting means that multiple different websites are all hosted on the same server, with each user being allocated a certain amount of storage space and a certain amount of resources. This is often the best option for hobbyists and bloggers.

VPS Hosting: A virtual private server (VPS) setup is like a shared hosting setup on steroids. It generally uses more powerful hardware and takes its name from the fact that while multiple websites are being stored on the same physical hardware, each uses virtualisation software to allow them to operate independently as though they were dedicated mini-servers.

Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is a good choice for the pros, and like its name suggests, it involves the use of a server that’s dedicated to a single website. In other words, unlike shared and VPS hosting, the user doesn’t have to share storage space and resources with other people and they have a physical piece of hardware all to themselves.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting allows webmasters to tap into a large bank of servers that are all interlinked and designed to take over from each other if needed. In other words, if you need more resources, the cloud will provide more resources to rise to the demand. Cloud hosting is usually the best option if you want to aim for 100% uptime and don’t care how much you need to pay for it.

SHost: Sinhcoms LLP provides a mix of shared and cloud hosting. This setup allows us to provide fast website hosting with nearly 100% uptime at unbeatable price.

Not long at all! We’re proud of the fact that setup is instant. That means our new customers can get started straight away without delay. Just create your account and walk through the setup process and you’ll be ready to log in and to start managing your new hosting account immediately. While VPS and Server May take upto 24 hours.

That depends - what kind of website do you have? And what’s your budget?

As a general rule, shared hosting is the best place to start, and SHost’s hosting is suitable for almost any kind of website. Our hosting helps you to keep the costs down during the early days of your website while allowing you to pay only for the resources that you need. If your website starts to take off, you can easily upgrade to higher tier plan and pick up some extra resources.

Ultimately, every website is different. If you’re not sure, why not get in touch with our team so we can chat it through with you and make a personalized suggestion based on your needs?

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